Apple Juice & Cider

Apple juice production began at Hayles in September 1999 following a tremendous hail storm that left the fruit on the trees unacceptable for sale to the multiples. You could say we turned a disaster into our advantage!

Now - more than 10 years on - the Apple Juice has become an increasingly important part of the business diversification.

A traditional cloudy juice it has no added flavouring, no added sugar, no preservative and no colouring - so it’s a really healthy drink.

Made from single varieties of apples the sweetness of the juice depends entirely on the fruit used. Each season we make approximately 10 different varieties of juice. Bramley is the driest juice and makes a fabulous breakfast drink. At the other end of the spectrum is Russet Apple Juice - an incredible sweet juice which the children adore (and for adults mixes exceptionally well with a drop of Vodka!)

The 2014 season saw us successfully produce our first batch of Sparkling Apple Juice. We think it’s rather good but would love to hear what you think. Since we only have a limited supply it’s currently available through our own retail outlet and a couple of local sources.

Cider has been made on the farm since the days of Lord Sudeley. Still made today in the same traditional way it has seen little change. Recently a new line of carbonated cider has been added to the range which has proved a hit with young and old alike.

Juice and cider production is carried out from October to January each year and visitors are welcome by appointment.

A full range of juice and cider is available in the farmshop.